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 This sleek handheld device will show you the layout of the hole in front in colour, provide distances to hazards and the green (front, middle and back) from a golfer perspective to ensure the distances are accurate.

The automatic course and hole recognition technology will prevent you having to fiddle around selecting the course at the beginning of the round and between holes.

The voice audio is a super-simple way of finding the distance you have to go.

GolfBuddy have used a powerful, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last up to 15 hours in GPS mode. Another fantastic feature of the GolfBuddy VTX device is that you receive automatic course updates via the wireless GolfBuddy Smartphone App.

  • Distance to front/center/back of the green
  • Distance to hazardsDigital scorecard
  • Automatic course update wirelessly with GolfBuddy Smartphone App 
  • Yardage readings from the golfer’s perspective 
  • Preloaded with over 38,000+ global golf courses
  • Automatic course and hole recognition
  • Colored hole layout with current position of the player
  • Tracks both GPS and GLONASS satellites
  • Slim, lightweight designOption of male or female voice
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 15 hours in GPS mode
  • Plastic holster included
  • Physical Specification Size: 3.74”×2.20”×0.56” (95mm×56mm×14.2mm)
  • Weight: 5oz / 140g
  • Display Size: 2.7”
  • Technology: Full Touch Color LCDBattery Capacity: Lithium-ION Rechargeable
  • Connectivity: PC Interface USB/Bluetooth
  • Course Capacity: 40,000 Courses
  • Water Resistant: Water Resistant
  • Languages:Multi-lingual(Up to 8 languages )